Solving shit problems

Shitcoin Official is a holder rewarding token with a mission to fight bad sanitation around the globe.

Passive income Tokenomics
Sellers currently have to pay 40% tax which mostly gets re-distributed to all holders. 
Read more below.

Buy & Sell Shit

Because Pancakeswap had struggles with our Tokenomics, we built our own swap on top of Pancakeswap’s infrastructure.

Our Mission

First of all, our mission is to make this $shit big to compete with all the other succesful meme coins out there. Therefor we will spend most of out time in marketing and growth hacking. We will ramp up long-term marketing strategies to gain global exposure to crypto investors out there.

Altho we believe, crypto should always be supportive and therefore we connected our mission with a simple and fitting approach. In wealthy countries shit is something you just flush down the toilet – but have you ever imagined what it is like to live without proper sanitary stations?

Figures by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and International Telecommunications Union reveal that there are more people in the world with access to a mobile phone than a toilet. 1 in 3, that’s 2 billion people, do not have access to a toilet, with a staggering 892 million people defecating in the open; putting their health and safety at risk.
Source: World Health Organization

Therefore we decided to donate to organizations and charities who try to tackle this problem.
Let’s make this shit great!

Live ticker

To keep everybody up to date about the project we started this live ticker. We will update it on a daily basis and tell you guys what have happened so far, what we are working on and how we plan to make this shit great

May 30th

  • Working on press distribution

May 29th

  • First Twitter giveaways done
  • Further talks with Coingecko & Coinmarketcap

May 28th

  • Released our own swap to buy & sell shit
  • Started the first Twitter campaigns
  • Surpassed 1.000 Telegram Members

May 27th

May 26th

  • New domains acquired for further brand building
  • Wrote several Charities regarding a collaboration
  • CoinMarketCap application sent
  • Ad campaigns on Coinzilla

May 25th 

  • 4chan ads online
  • Telegram stickers are live!
  • Applied to CoinGecko
  • Setup a subreddit (click to visit)

May 24th 

May 23rd 

  • Recruited mods and supporters for the Telegram channel
  • Ads on Poocoin went live
  • Successful launch on DxSale with 40 BNB collected

Anti Dump/Bot & Liquidity Tokenomics

With more tokens arising that aren’t thought through well, more bots and sophisticated trading algorithms try to exploit such new tokens.
We don’t want this Shitcoin to be a pump&dump but we rather want to establish a community around it that mainly consists of long-term holders supporting Shitcoin’s mission.

The first 6 weeks every transaction except a buy will get mostly used to fill up the Liquidity pool and to reward early bird long-term holders. 

Week 1 (May 23rd – May 30): 45% Tax / 25% get re-distributed to holders and 20% get added to the Liquidity. Slippage 49%

Week 2 (May 31 – Jun 7): 40% Tax / 20% get re-distributed to holders and 20% get added to the Liquidity. Slippage 45%

Week 3 (Jun 08 – Jun 14): 40% Tax / 20% get re-distributed to holders and 20% get added to the Liquidity. Slippage 45%

Week 4 (Jun 15 – Jun 21): 30% Tax / 15% get re-distributed to holders and 15% get added to the Liquidity. Slippage 35%

Week 5 (Jun 22 – Jun 28): 30% Tax / 15% get re-distributed to holders and 15% get added to the Liquidity. Slippage 35

Week 6 (Jun 28 – Jul 5): 20% Tax / 10% get re-distributed to holders and 10% get added to the Liquidity. Slippage 25%

After the first 6 weeks, normal tokenomics will take place with 15% tax where 5% get re-distributed to all holders and 10% get added to the liquidity pool and paired with BNB to establish a solid price floor.

Our Team

In real life we run E-Commerce businesses but shitcoin is much more fun. That’s why our main businesses go down like a waterfall but shitcoin #tothemoon

Whitepaper & Roadmap

Tokens Locked

We locked the majority of tokens away and they get released after time. If the community decides that we should use them for marketing/donations or something else we will do that, otherwise, we lock them away again!

Automatic Liquidity

Shitcoin employs an automatic liquidity pool algorithm (AutoLP) in its token contract. As mentioned above, the network collects 5% from each transaction, whether the order is a buy or sell and adds it to the LP. This also acts as an arbitrage resistant mechanism that secures a portion of the volume of Shitcoin as a reward for the holders. The intended goal is to minimize price movements when large wallets decide to sell their tokens in the future, which when compared to coins without an Auto LP system, leads to a reduction in significant price fluctuations.

Locked Liquidity Pool

The liquidity pool tokens for Shitcoin are permanently locked in the zero-address, meaning that the developers cannot pull the rug on the market, and the PancakeSwap market will always have liquidity on it. 

Marketing & Expenses

We are using the wallet 0xF3b058195A1a2e8853BBa2782ca14d4C8b31644D to fund all expenses. 

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